[X+1] Combines Reach and Frequency Analytics for Funnel Optimization


ADOTAS – Anyone reading this has likely has found themselves in the crosshairs a retargeting campaign, possibly being carpet-bombed by loads of display ads from previously visited sites. The thinking seems to be that overexposure will weaken a consumer’s resolve to the point he/she has no option but to convert.

Which is kinda dumb thinking — more often consumers are alienated to the point they blast the brand through social media channels (or traditional media channels, which love spinning the whole “online advertising is scary!” narrative). Even if a consumer doesn’t go that far, a crap retargeting campaign is bound to give a brand a bad mark.

Part of the problem is attribution models that overweigh bottom-of-the-sales-funnel activities (perhaps you’ve heard of “last-click”?); at the same time, brands spending too much on retargeting and other lower-level targeting methods are underspending at the top, missing the opportunity to push online consumers on down the sales funnel.

Don’t take my word for it:

“The typical media attribution methodology unfortunately rewards both over- and under-messaging throughout the funnel,” said Leon Zemel, chief analytics officer of [x+1]. “Media partners are incented to lower their cost per action by showing more impressions to likely-to-convert consumers at the bottom of the funnel, and by ‘cookie bombing’ to capture attribution for sales that would have happened anyway…. Marketers over-allocate bottom-of-funnel tactics like search and remarketing or under-allocate top-of-funnel media that reaches new prospects and feeds the sales cycle.”

Online targeting platform [X+1] has a solution to this quandary, new campaign analytic and optimization technology Funnel R/F. The R/F is short for reach/frequency — through analyzing campaign performance across the funnel and media sources, [X+1] calculates the most effective combination of audience reach and frequency for the wholes sales funnel, level by level.

Integrated into the [X+1] Origin digital marketing hub, the self-service tool can be customized for each client and specific funnel goals, and then immediately executed across all media channels.. In addition, Funnel R/F offers reporting on reach and frequency by media source and frequency control for real-time bidding so an advertiser doesn’t bombard a consumer with retargeted ads.


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