What Do You Mean SheKnows Everything?


ADOTAS – All I saw in the email header were the words “She Knows Everything!” Oh no — did she stumble upon the New Age section of my record collection? Damn you Yanni, why must you tempt me with your glorious mustache? Or even worse — did she discover all my posts on VictorianDollCollector.com? I have opinions on corsets that need to be shared!

But wait — that’s “SheKnows Everything,” an expansion to Evolve Media Corp.’s female focused SheKnows community of sites. SheKnows Everything is a network of 15 niche blogs — including Decorate This (home decor ), MisoVegan (vegan cooking depot), RealMomsGuide (real moms offering advice), CanYouDigIt (gardening tips) and more — written by credible authors and experts. It branches out SheKnows.com’s reach into the blog world with trusted writers.

For marketers, that means added opportunities through SheKnows to target and engage women browsers based on their interests.

As for me, I think I’m safe. Unless she finds my secret stash of D&D Dungeon Master, which I doubt because it’s safely hidden underneath my LARP gear.


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