Twitter Expands Promoted Tweets to Non-Followers’ Timelines


ADOTAS – We’ve hit the latest phase of Twitter’s slow and methodical rollout of its revenue plan. Twitter announced that it is now placing Promoted Tweets in the home timelines of some users that are not necessarily followers of the advertisers. The ads will be served based on the message’s relevance to users according to public signals.

So, for example, if you follow Burger King and Wendy’s, you might see a Promoted Tweet (labeled so) from McDonald’s saying that Big Macs are on the dollar menu.

This greatly expands the reach of Promoted Tweets and should attract more brand dollars. Also it seems that Twitter is rolling it out slowly enough as not to alienate its user base. Originally, Promoted Tweets only appeared in searches and on promoted trends, but last month Twitter began serving them in the timelines of advertisers’ followers in limited frequency.

To judge the initial reaction, Twitter is only introducing feature to a single-digit percentage of its global user base.

“We are carefully measuring how users respond to and engage with these Tweets,” a spokeperson wrote by email. “Based on this response, we will roll this capability out to a wider audience in the coming months.”



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