Report: Ad Networks Raking in More Display Spend


ADOTAS – Pretty assured in the belief that ad networks are on the decline? Well, the second annual Online Advertisers Survey Report from Econsultancy and supply-side platform The Rubicon Project suggests quite the opposite, with networks receiving an average of 55% of the average media plan compared to 31% cited in a 2009 Econsultancy report.

And the spend is going more places — 43% of respondent said they work with at least five different ad networks compared to 30% who said the same two years ago. Thirty-four percent said they buy media from between five and 10 networks, while 46% said they were going to more networks than last year.

More than a thousand online advertising pros were queried about their display practices, but the report is particularly focused on results from 400 (presumably important) advertisers and agencies. The meatiest bits?

• 68% of media buyers in the U.S. and 57% of those in Europe said they had increased their display spend during the last year, with about a quarter commenting that they had shifted some of their search budgets into display.

• 23% of respondents (39% in the U.S.) said they use at least one DSP, with 82% of that group saying they use more than one — 15% were utter whores, working more than four at the same time. For buyers using DSPs, that channel takes up an average of 32% of the media plan.

• Improved targeting was seen as a key benefit of working with a DSP by 64%, followed by real time campaign insights (60%) and impression-level bidding (53%). Lack of available inventory and service were cited as challenges by 54% and 51% of respondents, respectively.

• 34% of agency trading desk spend goes through RTB (41% in US and 34% in Europe), but 37% of the respondents said their trading desks throw less than 20% of media spend at RTB. Interestingly, 17% of advertisers and agencies didn’t allocate any display advertising budget to trading desks.


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  2. Advertisers woul rather wor with one larger network then do 1000 deals with 1000 sites. Advertisers are also starting to be very careful where their ads appear. Many smaller less credible websites click their own links to generate more revenue for themselves. This includes ad networks that allows any website to take their ads like MSN, Google etc. As an advertiser stick to premium only sites like Linkedin, Adblade or even Facebook to get the quality, targeting and volume you want.


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