Off-Duty: Laughing It Up With SeeSaw Networks


ADOTAS – Last night’s pilot taping of SeeSaw Networks’ and Gotham Comedy Club’s short-form video series featured famous funnies like Wali Collins, Gary Gulman, Jessica Kirson and Jimmy Failla. As SeeSaw Networks CEO Peter Bowen explained, parts of the show will be re-edited and short snip-its of content will be picked to be part of “The Gotham Moment.”

This is the product of a content agreement signed in June between Gotham Comedy Club, a magnet for the country’s hottest comedians, and SeeSaw Networks, a leading digital place-based media company. SeeSaw will exclusively distribute the final product to select gas stations, malls, taxis, sports clubs and even veterinary clinics.

“The Gotham Moment” will feature about a dozen comedians performing 10 minutes of “clean, evergreen material” to make what will become 20 episodes. Clean, meaning Rated G; evergreen, meaning timeless. It’s no wonder each comedian only gets a quick clip.

But that doesn’t mean the tapes can’t be equally hilarious with references to sex, plenty of swearing and riffs on Sarah Palin. Some of these shorts will come from “big names,” said Radesh Ganeshkumar, SeeSaw director of accounts. Perhaps we’ll see David Chapelle trying to be wholesomely funny.

I sat and laughed next to Bob Martin, vice president of business development for SeeSaw, who described yesterday’s premiere as “a rollout that goes beyond spots and dots.” In attendance were a number of SeeSaw’s network partners, airing the content; some advertising agencies and brands, looking to purchase the content; and, of course, the SeeSaw executive team, hoping to sell the content.

After working at Gap back in the 80s, Martin can relate to employee fatigue when it comes to incessantly hearing the same loop of songs. He disclosed that he still must suppress the urge to fold jeans upon hearing Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

SeeSaw gives retail workers a reason to rejoice: its relationship with Gotham Comedy Club will be ongoing, creating new material while filtering out the old. The company sees it as an entertaining sponsored segment that can float across networks.

As Martin puts it: “It’s not ‘tradigital’.”


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