Cool Tool Alert: Subjot Is Like Twitter, But With Fewer Birds


BLUE PHOENIX MEDIA – After poking around on Quora, we’re definitely still interested in social apps that can improve upon Twitter’s basic media delivery and aggregation method. And today, we were pointed to Subjot by TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid who called it, “A topic-based Twitter, but without the noise.”

We’ve already begun giving the service a test drive and it’s too early to tell if Subjot might end up like Quora–a haven for tech scene insiders, but still a curiosity at best to casual social media users–or enjoy widespread adoption like Twitter. There might be arguments for hashtags on Twitter as a way to carve out interest groups, but with over 175 million users, even communities segmented by hashtags might yield ultra-dense subcommunities. Subjot, with its newness to the social scene, is enjoying simple categories like “tech” and “music.”

Contrastingly, Twitter presents rich opportunities to dig deep and mine into specific niches–owing to its growing userbase. But that’s something that may benefit niche marketers the most and otherwise may make difficult the ability to make the most out of the service for end users.

And Subjot, which just opened to the public, might be able to well balance the needs to being both a consumer-facing platform with the potential to serve marketers if it scales up in a way that ensures the importance of the content and organization of the content above the content creator.

To use a metaphor, you might be able to think of Twitter as a service that grew from one plant into a jungle overnight; now developers are back-tracking and figuring out new ways to organize the sprawl. Subjot, on the other hand, appears to be planning the route as it expands. And perhaps there is plenty of room in the microblogging wilderness for both: One for fans who enjoy a constant chorus of tweets and another for those who clucking over carefully curated content.

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