CONTEXTWEB Joins Forces With Datran to Form PulsePoint


ADOTAS – After partnering for more than a year, Datran Media has merged with CONTEXTWEB to form new company PulsePoint. Datran Media is home of  audience targeting and measurement platform Aperture, while CONTEXTWEB operates the ad exchange once known as ADSDAQ.

Blending these technologies, the integrated platform will offer a blend of audience and contextual targeting through real-time bidding, as well as cross-channel analytic capabilities and optimized content distribution. PulsePoint will also offer a data management solution and a cyclical system for employing audience insight across channels. Finally, crowd-sourcing technology allows marketers to capture and source quality content from consumers for their sites.

Datran Chairman and CEO Patrick Vogt will serve as executive chairman for the new entity while CONTEXTWEB CEO Timothy Murray has been appointed PulsePoint CEO.

“This is a merger born out of a very successful partnership and fueled by demands to better address today’s fragmented digital marketplace,” said Vogt. “We’ve architected technology to leverage data and make it actionable to inform business strategies and drive results. PulsePoint will be the first media tech company with an integrated approach to meet the changing needs of advertisers, brands and publishers with precision technology across all digital media.”



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