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ADOTAS – Content monetization is discussed a lot these days. But what is it? What does it mean? And more importantly, what can it do for your website?

Simply put, content monetization is the process of earning money through written content. There are a couple main ways to monetize your content—you can earn money by either selling actual content or by using certain content-monetizing procedures.

With the first method, content purchasers can be anyone from a publisher to a news editor to an artist. You simply produce content to sell and collect a lump sum. When writing for a newspaper, for example, you need to write the article in a way that can attract your reader’s attention. You earn the money by writing a compelling piece that the editors of the specific paper want to pay you for. The content typically needs to be an interesting, engaging article so that the publication can earn from its happy advertisers, business partners, and ultimately readers.

The second way to earn money from content is to use some of the many opportunities available through the Internet that allow you to collect earnings that the content actually creates. Examples of these opportunities are consultation, small business advertising and Google’s AdSense.

If you are in the market of selling your business ideas, you need to focus the content of the ideas. This enables your customers to see your solid ideas and get accustomed to them, which in turn makes you money. If you are an advertiser, you need to design your content according to your specific market, as you goal is to make potential customers of your product or services know the qualities of the product and convince them to buy it. If you own or manage a website, you can raise your website’s generated income significantly by advertising with the help of marketing tools such as Google’s AdSense, paid posts and link insertion.

And to the bloggers that don’t think much of generating income from your website, I ask: Why not earn money from your posts? If you are already writing them, why not turn them into income-earners?

Easy-to-use link insertion can be used as a tool for content monetization of your blog, easily boosting your website’s income. You simply need to insert some java script code and your site automatically starts to monetize the content you already created. Software uses words and phrases from you’re your blog and link them to relevant, effective advertisements. According to a study by Frank N. Magid Associates, respondents who regularly used newspaper and magazine apps had more positive associations with ads than negative, as 46% felt that ads were relevant, unique and interesting, while only 28% felt them annoying.

An easy-to-use and useful tool for this type of embedded advertising is INTENTclick , which provides an alternative to manual link insertion. This tool is especially useful for text-rich content created specifically for advertising products or services.

More details regarding these helpful Internet advertisement techniques are available in the recently published E-book, “INTENTclick” : In-Text Advertising Secrets, which is now available.



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