Case Study: Jones New York Employs 33Across to Reach Women Professionals


ADOTAS – If you are anything like me, your dry cleaning is the last thing on your mind when you finally make it home at 8 p.m. every day.

There are serious ramifications to this seemingly minute bad habit — namely the regular stress of digging through my closet for the least wrinkle-prone shirt that represents the fact that I actually take myself and my career seriously. Combine this with unpacking for a cross-country business trip and a bit of jet lag before an AM meeting, we have a woman’s worst professional malfunction nightmare.

A few months ago, after a moment of sheer frustration with my laundry procrastination and the clothing industry’s fabric choices, I began to search online for a new wrinkle-free business wardrobe. As if to answer my prayers, I immediately came across an ad for the Jones New York (JNY) Easy Care campaign.

Needless to say, I clicked instantly. I was not only delighted that a sophisticated brand like JNY had this chic, yet practical collection, I was also grateful that they were able to engage me at just the right time. Low and behold, I come to find out the campaign was served up by 33Across— my employer rescued me from my fashion/travel mayhem!


In an effort to enhance their digital marketing efforts for the first time ever, JNY partnered with advanced targeting platform 33Across during its 2011 Easy Care Campaign to add to their traditional publisher-direct media buys.


The goal of the JNY Easy Care campaign was to tap into the growing cohort of today’s business traveler: a busy, yet fashion-forward woman who has been dreaming of an efficient way to pack and dress for her next business trip. 33Across built the Jones New York Brand Graph™ to identify a huge number of likely consumers that are pretty similar to me—26,700,948 of them to be exact. JNY was then able to captivate these ladies on the move with high –impact rich media ads to engage them at the most relevant time and place.

Campaign Execution

During its 52-day run, JNY and 33Across were able to efficiently accomplish the hybrid goal of driving strong ROI along with heightened engagement from the Jones New York audience. Both standard IAB and expandable ads were used and had unique strengths in converting likely Easy Care loyalists into actual Easy Care customers.

The Brand Graph revealed that standard IAB units were the most efficient unit at maximizing ROI and minimizing CPA. Expandable units also drove a strong ROI and CPA, while garnering extremely high engagement levels, which were measured by a third-party.


The unprecedented success of JNY’s first-time run had an even more interesting element to it: 33Across only accounted for 30% of the budget share, but managed to generate an impressive 90% of the total Easy Care campaign sales volume. (Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought this iron-free collection was a savior.)

“The results speak for themselves — this was our first time building and activating our Brand Graph, and I can say with confidence it won’t be our last,” commented Geoffrey Summerville, Media Contacts Account Director. “33Across is innovating in a way that stands to change how we introduce new consumers to the brand.”

Moving Forward

As a result of the Brand Graph’s ability to expand audiences and predict significant ROI, we are going to see less stressed out and better dressed professional women. And, given the high engagement rates of the Jones NY audience, we can also expect to see more social components and interactive features in future JNY digital initiatives.

Wanna read more about 33Across? Check out an interview with CEO and cofounder Eric Wheeler regarding $9 million in funding raised last year.



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