Back At You’s Beta Data Show Super Lift in Likes


ADOTAS – Value exchange marketing is the new term du jour for offer marketing, which unfortunately still has a residual stink of scamminess. Every day more companies are popping up that employ value exchange models to incentivize social, brand-endorsing activities, so standing out from the herd has become a challenge. Sometimes, though, the early results speak for themselves.

Back At You has just exited private beta with its self-serve products that incentivize social activities such as Facebook Likes and shares, tweets and brand feedback (reviews and comments). For fulfilling any of these requests, users are given coupons or chances to enter sweepstakes. In addition, the company offers incentives for building email lists and plain old couponing services.

Beta testing on 50 campaigns over three months showed a 300%-400% increase in Facebook Likes for brands using the promotional service versus without. In addition, 85% of those campaigned to shared brand images and messages on their Facebook Walls, exposing 200 friends on average to each post.

“It’s essential to separate yourself from the social media pack; we believe the quality of our technology and the data collected in the beta are what differentiate us from other companies in social media,” commented Back At You CEO and founder Michael Glazer. He added that the platform was developed after interrogating a plethora of social media thought leaders and integrating their insight into the buildout.


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