ad pepper Infuses Semantic Targeting Into New RTB Platform


ADOTAS – While audience targeting and buying is getting more attention than a non-threatening teenage boy who sings in a very high register, I’m always looking further down the road. For a while I’ve been pondering when contextual targeting will make a big comeback, and discussing concept-based targeting with NetSeer made me think the moment is nigh.

But beyond that, it seems inevitable that hybrid systems of contextual and audience targeting will eventually rule the display market. Interestingly, ad pepper media has delivered one through its new adXplus real-time bidding platform.

In addition to delivering advertisers the audiences they crave in real-time across multiple networks and exchanges, adXplus also employs ad pepper’s iSense semantic targeting to find suitable context as well.

“adXplus was designed to constantly adjust bid values for every impression based on a multitude of data criteria including user, context and performance enabling us to deliver the right ad to the right user in context yielding the best possible campaign performance,” explained Sacha Carton, director of Product & Technology Development and director of the board.

adXplus also offers retargeting abilities, automated optimization technology and comprehensive reporting. Finally, the platform includes SiteScreen semantic brand protection technology, which Adotas covered in great detail on its launch.

The new RTB platform is one of several marketing solutions ad pepper operates across online channels. There’s also lead generation through iLead, email marketing with mailpepper, affiliate marketing via Webgains, as well as contextually targeted display advertising on publishers who are part of the iSense ad network.






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