Welcome Aboard: Dejewski to Head Global Marketing at MySpace


ADOTAS – Not yet regretting its decision to purchase the jalopy of social networks, Specific Media has named Al Dejewski senior vice president of global marketing. Dejewski has spent the last two years at Turner Entertainment Marketing in New York, spearheading strategic marketing, promotions, partnerships and branded entertainment for Turner broadcast and digital properties — perhaps you’ve heard of TBS, TNT and truTV?

While Dejewski’s hiring certainly isn’t going to overshadow whatever role actor-singer Justin Timberlake will have in the reconstruction of MySpace, he does bring an impressive resume to the social table — during his decade-long tenure at Pepsi, he led marketing for Pepsi’s entire brand portfolio and managed the company’s overall media strategy and partnerships.

In an interview with Advertising Age, Dejewski gives a hint about the focus of MySpace after its end-of-year relaunch: a music hub set to take on iTunes, Spotify and Vevo. He mentioned that he’s enlisted two branding agencies to bring celebrities and major brands across consumer verticals to promote the relaunch.

“No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs,” he told AdAge.

So the new MySpace is going to be like the old MySpace? Or is it actually going to become a music discovery service this time around? MySpace was once an excellent resource for music and musicians alike, but it was arguably poor functionality, overload of spam and a deluge of irritating (and scamtastic) display ads. Dejewski makes it sound like that last element will be banished, but can the other two be fixed?


  1. Interesting to see what will happen to MySpace. I imagine that they will fade away as current trends show, as people have been moving to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. But they could find a niche, especially in the music industry, and if they focus on social music discovery, they could capitalize on their high user base.

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