Survey: Public Not Horribly Familiar With QR Codes


ADOTAS – It may seem like mobile barcodes are omnipresent these days — on posters, magazine ads, t-shirts, etc. — a new survey of 500 adults (over the age of 13) surveyed via social networks suggests that the marketing technology hasn’t yet reached mainstream awareness.

According to market research firm Lab42, 58% of respondents did not know what mobile QR codes were. Forty-three percent of this had no clue what they were while around a quarter said they didn’t have smartphones.

Of the 42% that knew what those Rorschach-like stamps are QR codes, 67% had seen them in magazines, 62% in posters and 40% on billboards or posters. Of those that had scanned a QR code or two, 46% said they did for a discount, while 44% wanted more information on a product or service and 43% were lured to scan out of curiosity. Interestingly enough, 28% said they were inspired by a great ad.

Lab42 also shared an infographic with further data on barcode use as tickets and user creation of barcodes (something you can do with or, like we did for the story image).


  1. […] Don’t get me wrong – QR codes are useful.  They allow users to get detailed information in a quick (hence the QR – quick response) manner not before possible, and marketers can track QR code scans directly back to the magazine, direct mail, sign or even body part from which they came.  However, many marketers are using QR codes simply for the novelty and not providing any real value to consumers – running that risk that consumers will grow tired of the codes before smart marketers truly prove their value. […]


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