Rocket Fuel Brand Shield Offers Three Layers of Protection


ADOTAS – Now introducing the Real-Time Brand Safety Shield, powered by Rocket Fuel. Offering brand advertisers and their agencies three layers of defense, Rocket Fuel blocks bad sites and pages before serving an ad on them. This triple protection technology is to brand advertisers and their agencies what Gillette Odor Shield is to an athlete. Instead of offering relief from B.O. and unsightly underarm stains, this digital targeting platform’s new initiative delivers ROI and peace of mind.

The first layer of the formula is real-time protection provided by DoubleVerify, Peer 39, AdXpose or a third party, as desired by the client. Each impression is reviewed individually in mere milliseconds.

A partnership with AdSafe that works to continually refine a library of sites and patterns makes up the second layer.

Using black list and white list technology, the third and final layer maintains a proprietary library of non-brandsafe sites and words to ensure that not only bad sites are blocked, but also bad pages within good sites. Rocket Fuel’s in-house list includes tens of thousands of them, all of them manually reviewed so that brands no longer have to worry about their ads being featured next to “questionable content” (porn, gambling…Pitchfork Media).

This Star Trek-style force field brings rocket science to ad-verification and ad-blocking. Shields up!




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