Quite the Crowd at Affiliate Summit Meet Market


ADOTAS – Affiliate Summit East 2011 kicked off on Sunday in the Hilton New York with the Meet Market, a jam-packed networking with agencies, affiliates, networks and merchants chatting away about offers, CPAs and… Well, the locations of the hottest parties, of course.

I said hi to the Blue Phoenix Media crew, jawed a bit with the AdKnowledge folks, got into a discussion with the MediaWhiz kids, had a good back-and-forth with the Optizmo team and generally hobknobbed with the brightest bulbs of the performance marketing space. The AdConion guys grabbed a lot of attention (including mine) by offering free beer to passerby while the ClickBooth peeps were likely gushing about how awesome this year’s party was going to be. (In terms of schwag, I also picked up some much-needed sunglasses bearing a MediaTrust logo — stylin’!).

I happily ran into affiliate marketing blogger Murray Newlands, who should really be classified as an “author” considering his first book, “Online Marketing: A User’s Guide,” just arrived on bookstore shelves (and e-bookstore inventory directories). Looking stunningly fit (gotta ask him about his workout routine), he updated me on the happenings of the San Francisco Blog Club and The Affiliate Marketing Awards, and afterward I begged him to send me more contributed bylines.

And I would have been quite remiss not to say hello to Affiliate Summit cofounder Missy Ward herself — especially after that surprisingly intimate email Q&A we recently had. Ward was manning the booth for Affiliate Marketers Give Back and selling the few remaining bottles of her signature Signorina wine, proceeds of which go to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The wine lover/hard rock fan could barely contain her excitement that an Australian friend had secured her a bottle of AC/DC’s new signature cabernet sauvignon (called “Highway to Hell”), which is not yet available Stateside.

Come 6 p.m. when the various companies were rolling up the remaining schwag on their tables, it felt a lot less like closing down than time to head to the next party — after all, the first night of Affiliate Summit had just arrived.

(Sorry some of the pics appear upside down — I blame WordPress!)


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