Operators Are Standing By: Live Engagement Links in Ads


ADOTAS – The “click for live chat” option is nearly omnipresent online. Consumers have come to expect customer support via text chat as a minimal level of service on the websites they patronize. Successful e-tailers, however, recognize that minimal levels of service do not boost sales or create competitive advantage.

For these companies, multimedia live engagement offers the ability to augment chat with technology that attracts even more website visitors and converts them once they arrive. When enhanced live engagement invitations are embedded in banner and text ads, e-businesses extend their reach even further and inspire more prospects to purchase products.

A real-time collaboration button can make a significant difference in the return on investment in banner and text ads. By including call buttons on landing pages and ads, e-businesses encourage sales before prospects even reach their sites. Product comparison sites, consumer forums and product round-up review sites, for example, are optimal places to reach consumers who are conducting research before making purchases.

By placing a live help option in an ad on such a website, companies can attract customers on neutral territory and encourage a sale that otherwise might not have occurred or closed as quickly. E-businesses can further facilitate interaction by offering visitors an incentive for clicking the call button, such as a discount or free shipping.

Once shoppers opt in for engagement, multimedia apps can boost the level of surface they receive with video and image apps to demonstrate a product or collaboration capabilities to support joint form and payment completion. There are additional benefits, as well, including:

Optimize search terms: Ask contact center agents to note the phrases they hear from customers most frequently, or have managers scan transcripts for those terms. Consider the fact that live engagement tools provide e-businesses with the opportunity to listen to what customers and prospects say about their buying intentions.

Organizations should use that opportunity wisely. Live engagement gives e-tailers willing focus groups, and with their feedback, website owners can optimize marketing activities, including pay-per-click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM) and banner ad campaigns.

Deliver personalized shopping services: When sales agents can access text, voice, video chat, live video feed, product videos, images and photographs to close a deal, they have the opportunity to become more than just customer service reps. They can also serve as personal shoppers, equipped to help consumers select the perfect gifts for any occasion. This level of supported shopping boosts sales and creates customer loyalty.

Increase average order values: Create a section of the website for high-value customers and invite visitors to click on a live engagement call button for private viewings of exclusive items.

Video also provides the ability to upsell more mainstream products. Website reps can share videos and pause them to explain specific feature or even mark them up using annotation tools. By answering customer questions in a visual way, agents are more likely to overcome any barriers threatening sales.

Repeated research shows that visitors who engage with e-sales representatives are three times more likely to convert to sales and place higher-value orders. However, live engagement can deliver even greater benefits than most e-businesses have yet grasped.

Beyond the ever-present option for text chat, multimedia engagement gives website owners the opportunity to show their products, share order form completion tasks, and even collaborate in a PayPal application, so that the connection to the customer continues until the sale closes. When e-businesses invite this connection directly from their banner and text ads, they reap greater returns on their campaigns.


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