Google to Aggregate Offers With Dealmap Purchase?

Inplace #2

ADOTAS – I guess I wasn’t the only one impressed by the deal aggregation services of the Dealmap when it launched its iPhone app last August — Google has just added the startup, which only launched back in May, to its ever-larger pile of acquisitions. Apparently Google’s nascent Offers product is going to go deal-aggregating.

Two million mobile users and 85 million monthly visitors take advantage of the Dealmap’s DealExchange distribution network, which offers access to 450,000 deals each day across the U.S. and the United Kingdom through 450 local daily deal sources. Users can take advantage filters for 12 business categories (e.g., restaurants, automotive) and eight types of deals (discount, free stuff), while advertisers/dealmakers can take advantage of 50 commercial distribution partners such as CityGrid, and MyPoints.

But possibly the coolest feature of the Dealmap is not that the platform enables advertisers to easily add deals, but that it allows consumers to share deals spotted on the street (such as a sign in a window) with their fellow deal-seekers.

Consider the potential of such technology hooked into the scale of Google+ and Google Offers — it would be a boon to both consumers (more deals!) and advertisers (word-of-mouth!).