Casale Opens Premium Exchange for Elite Pub Base


ADOTAS – Basically joining the private exchange cause, Casale Media has opened up CasaleX, imbuing its 3,000 hand-picked premium publishers with the power of real-time bidding. Casale pubs will be able to select what and how much inventory they want to offer to selected DSPs and trading desks through the premium exchange.

Casale assures advertisers that all inventory offered is above-the-fold, brand safe and on high-quality content, as the network is notoriously choosy about the publishers it signs up. Last year, CEO and President Joe Casale mentioned to me that a few years back the company dramatically culled its cadre of publishers to ensure his network was serving against premium content. Because its publisher pool is so tight, Casale can promise a high level of exclusivity to buyers on the CasaleX exchange.

But as with most things Casale, publisher interest comes first. They will have access to a fully transparent list of campaigns being bought through RTB and information on bidders, volumes, prices and creative. In addition, Casale is offering a guaranteed eCPM through its advertisers to make sure all inventory put up on the exchange is monetized. Just like its publisher base, only buy-side platforms that pass Casale’s scrutiny are welcome to the exchange.

“Publishers want to boost revenue with real-time bidding, but they don’t want to give up full control over what specific advertisers and industries are authorized to bid right down to the exact campaigns and creative,” said Joe Casale. “With both factors in mind, we organically created a real-time bidding engine and hand-selected demand partners that meet our strict requirements to ensure the quality of ads and bids coming through the system.”



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