BlueKai Delivers ‘Transactable Data’ Through TrackSimple Analytics


ADOTAS – “If there’s one thing I want you to leave this meeting with, it’s the idea of transactable data,” says BlueKai CMO Jon Ingalls.

Sure, you know actionable information: data that improves your audience understanding or leads to a revelation about your audience targeting efforts — the heralded “a-ha!” moment. Analytics can bring the revelation to you (or perhaps you to the revelation), but you can’t necessarily do anything once you reach that “a ha!” — there’s a complex series of steps to build up the segment.

But that’s not the case with BlueKai’s TrackSimple RAD 360T Analytics, built on top of the company’s DMP. As soon as that massive audience targeting realization hits, the user can move the data right into the media — transact then and there.

Take the correlation index, which employs first- and third-party data sets to show other products a particular segment is in-market for. With a few click, the advertiser can instantly create a new segment or add to a current one based on an affinity score that determines which audiences are over-indexing. (And vice versa — you can also figure out which audiences to avoid.) Log into your DSP and the enhanced BlueKai segment or the new one is there.

“The reason the DMP is very successful is because it’s plugged in to the networks and exchanges, so we can segment once and target everywhere,” Ingalls comments.

Correlation is only one real-time modeling technique within the analytics offering. Say one of your audiences is really performing; through look-alike or act-alike modeling, the analytics platform can show you another segment that is likely to perform the same way.

“Through any of these modeling techniques, you can not only shape an audience and understand its reach and uniqueness, but duplicate it in real time,” Ingalls says.

The analytics offering is not just for those in-market — it presents a particular advantage for those about to launch their audience targeting campaigns. The chief thrill of the DMP is marketers’ ability to arrange first-party data and analyze it against a wealth of third-party data — and any data point, from the smallest action, can be scrutinized.

Basically, Ingalls suggests marketers are examining all their traffic through a BlueKai lens. Campaign simulations can be erected and changed on the spot, with the data response in real-time.

“Before I spend money on media, I can put together an audience and understand their conversion ratio,” he says. “Marketers no longer have to burn media dollars to learn, they can can hit with confidence. There’s enough audience and data out there to model your audience against.”

The launch of the RAD 360T Analytics represents the culmination of TrackSimple’s integration into BlueKai. When the DMP and audience exchange acquired TrackSimple in January, the goal was to import the latter’a reporting, analysis and prediction services into the data management platform.

Indeed, TrackSimple customers will recognize a familiar dashboard with a new tab that reads “Audience.” Prior to the acquisition, TrackSimple’s focus was on marketing media performance across channels and encouraging analytics collaboration among the various members of the marketing team.

“Audience is sitting at the center of everything” Ingalls comments. “Through the combination of BlueKai and TrackSimple, you see the intersection of the media your serving against the audience you’re targeting.”

As for future features, it’s the customers are continuously driving innovation, he says.

“They ask, ‘All right, I can use audience data for retargeting, for prospecting, to understand conversions — how about data for dynamic creative on my website?'”

But is that possible?

Certainly, Ingalls replies. Personalize website content is simple through taking a bit of anonymous data from every cookie appearing on your website. Each one can give a clue about what that specific visitor is interested in, whether it’s from a past purchase or cart abandonment, that can then be used in determining the content served. Already clients are testing it out…


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