Wal-Mart Slaps VuDu On The Front Page


ADOTAS – Wal-Mart Inc, a giant corporation among giant corporations is putting its Vudu video streaming and rental services on the front page of the company’s main website. Vudu, Wal-Mart’s answer to Netflix, is being given top billing on the site in an effort to keep the largest retailer in the world…well, the largest.

The platform streams movies and television shows to computers and certain kinds of TVs as well as Blu-ray DVD players and Playstation 3. It was purchased by Wal-Mart last year. In an article in Reuters, Vudu’s GM, Edward Lichty stated, “Our user base has tripled since Christmas,” but declined to extrapolate exactly what that meant. With online streaming video and rental services gaining steam over the past five years, Wal-Mart is making a wise decision to invest fully in its own platform, however this could deplete its DVD sales which have historically been one of the company’s largest revenue streams.

In classic Wal-Mart style, the retailer is staying competitive with its prices, claiming it will always improve upon any deal a competitor comes out with. Which of these streaming entertainment aggregators do you love? Who will still be around when the dust settles?


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