Using a Mascot for Online and Offline Marketing


ADOTAS – It can be difficult to generate excitement about new products and gain new customers when your business is online and doesn’t have an actual building for customers to visit. There are many websites that sell the same types of products, and it can be difficult for shoppers to distinguish one website from another that sells the same type of merchandise.

Using traditional advertising techniques such as a mascot is a great way to market your online business. You can have someone dressed in a costume visit trade shows, small business expos and special events to give your business a competitive advantage.

Find A Costume

A costume used for advertising should be easy to move around in and should reflect the nature of your business. For example, a company who sells makeup could use a queen costume for their mascot, or an online pet store could use an animal costume. There are many Halloween costume ideas that can inspire business owners and help them find the right costume to represent their business.

It is also important to be professional and make sure that your costume choice is appropriate for all ages. Costumes that are inappropriate or scary may deter customers instead of attracting them. Even if your business is for adults only, the mascot you choose should be appropriate for all ages and events.

Hand Out Promotional Materials

The mascot for your company needs something to hand out before they can start helping you generate more interest in your company and products. The materials they hand out could be flyers or business cards, but many people just throw these away. Other materials, like balloons, notepads, or magnets are less likely to be tossed in the trash.

It is more fun and makes a bigger impact on customers if your costumed representative is handing out an item that is related to the same industry as the products you sell, such as lip gloss for a makeup sales company. The product should have information such as your company name, website and phone number.

The products you decide to hand out should be labeled with all of the company’s information so that it’s easy for the customers to order more of the product after they’ve tried it. Handing out coupons for a discount on your company’s products works well because it not only gets your company’s information into the hands of many customers, but people are also more likely to keep a coupon than a regular flier that doesn’t offer them a special discount or free gift.

Make Appearances

Obviously, a company mascot in a costume won’t get noticed unless they are out and about. There are many local events that a mascot can attend, and it’s better if the event is related to your company or product industry.

For example, an online pet supply store may have their mascot attend dog, cat, or horse shows to promote their products. They may also attend fairs or trade shows where many people are present. Festivals and parades are great places to market almost any business. There are a lot of people in attendance and they are usually happy to chat about a product or take a sample home with them. Your mascot could even sell products or make appointments for customers at a fair.

Local newspapers and television stations often enjoy taking pictures of costumed company mascots and writing stories about them. Having your company’s mascot make an appearance at charity events is great because mascots often bring joy to a possibly somber event, and participants are likely to remember your company and appreciate that it helped a charity that they are passionate about.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great marketing tool and is excellent for presenting a costumed company figure. There are over 500 million Facebook users and every one of them is a potential customer. Posting pictures taken of the mascot using the company’s products or visiting with customers is a great way to generate interest in your company.

Many customers are likely to remember the company whose mascot made an impression on them, especially if the mascot made them laugh. You could even invite customers to post their own pictures of your mascot at local events. You could post on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook to announce the events that your mascot will be attending in order to encourage users to interact with your company’s mascot.

Have Fun

People are much less likely to notice mascots that are boring. Interaction with the public is the primary reason to have a costumed representative advertise for your online business. They should dance, hug people, give high fives, and move around as much as possible without becoming a bother.

Make sure that your mascot is not scary and makes people of all ages laugh or feel welcome. This type of traditional “outdoor” advertising can ultimately lead to more credibility and exposure in the online business world.


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