TRUSTe Finds Users Don’t Trust Advertisers – Survey


ADOTAS – TRUSTe, an online privacy solutions provider and provider of online behavioral advertising compliance services, released results of a nationwide survey regarding key issues and perceptions about privacy and OBA. The nuts and bolts of the survey suggest that there is a need to increase user trust and understanding about OBA – for example, more notice and consumer choice outside the privacy policy. The survey also went into the potential of privacy tools and the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) recently launched self-regulatory program to address consumer concerns and contribute to more favorable OBA campaigns.

Most consumers have been found to think of themselves as responsible for the majority of their online presence and information shared. However, the lack of understanding about OBA and how it works, leads many users to draw false conclusions on how their personally identifiable information (PII) gets shared with advertisers without their consent.

“TRUSTe’s findings demonstrate why it’s important for advertisers to assume responsibility for educating consumers about how targeted online advertising works and how they benefit from receiving relevant ads,” said Mike Dean, President of Experian Consumer Direct in the press release. “Online advertising helps support the free Internet content that consumers want, expect and demand – content such as news, search, email, weather reports, stock quotes, social media and the like. I’m pleased that Experian Consumer Direct is working with TRUSTe and DAA to provide consumers the information they need to make informed choices about receiving targeted ads. This helps build consumer trust in the Internet and in e-commerce. The TRUSTe survey provides new insight that can be used to further develop and evolve this innovative self-regulatory initiative.”


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