StumbleUpon Helps Pubs Promote Pages With Widgets


ADOTAS – Having reached out plenty to brands and agencies with its Paid Discovery ad product, social discovery engine StumbleUpon is giving back to the supply side with its new Widgets for publishers.

Basically the widgets employ unsold ad space to promote other pages within a domain deemed relevant to StumbleUpon users through its index technology. When a stumbler views a page using the tool, links within the widget prompt the user to visit more internal pages that may be of interest.

StumbleUpon continues to refer more social media referral traffic than all non-Facebook social sites — it actually overtook Facebook in social referral traffic last December. The company reports that publishers that implement StumbleUpon Badges, which facilitate sharing of content with other stumblers, see 20% to 25% more traffic from StumbleUpon.

Now with more than 15 million registered users, StumbleUpon is recording more than a billion stumbles a month, with users spending an average of six hours every month stumbling across the web.



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