Right Media Exchange (Better) Enables Private Marketplaces


ADOTAS – Open marketplaces are so 2009; private marketplaces — whether they’re premium publishers setting up closed exchanges and controlling inventory available for RTB, or advertisers creating customized publisher lists through media management platforms — are all the rage now.

Hell, even Yahoo! Right Media Exchange is getting in on it: Right Media Head and Vice President of Marketplaces Ramsey McGrory, who suffered through an Adotas interrogation last year, writes on the RMX blog about new seller controls that enable seat holders to build pub-controlled transactional environments based on their preferences and partnerships with various advertisers… It sounds like a private marketplace!

But wait — “RMX has enabled private marketplaces since its inception in 2005, offering features such as linking, Marketplace Select and now real-time bidding at scale,” McGrory writes. Apparently Right Media has been ahead of the curve all along.

In general, the new seller controls give the supply side a lot more leverage in the RTB game. First, they allow sellers to choose the amount and type of inventory they want to offer through RTB, as well as set reserve prices for various types of inventory sold on specific channels, including distinct prices for RTB and non-RTB buyers.

To determine how much inventory to make available for each RTB buyer, sellers can analyze the bid-vs.-buy rates. In sharing data with buyers, sellers can set transparency levels by Publisher ID, Publisher URL, Channel, Section ID, Section Code and Site ID.


  1. RightMedia has faced quality issues since the start, with everything from being inundated by viruses to a dozen junk networks using it to defraud.

    With Ramsey at the head, things have changed. Good work!


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