Pixazza Rebrands as Luminate, Turns Images Into Apps


ADOTAS – In rebranding as Luminate, the company once known as Pixazza has introduced Image Apps, which offer publishers the ability to turn any static image into an app that include social network and email sharing capabilities as well as relevant links and videos.

Oh, and did we mention Image Apps include ads for products featured in these images? All pubs need to do is add a line of code to start making revenue off their images.

Luminate crowd-sources photo details such as brand of clothing from a network of human taggers that we wrote about last year. The fashion vertical was an ideal starting point for Pixazza’s in-image advertising, offering a one-click solution for consumers interested in buying clothing worn by celebrities on fashion blogs, but the company quickly expanded into other sectors such as sports and home goods. In the last year, Pixazza/Luminate added a self-serve platform for pubs, raised around $18 million in venture capital and introduced video ad capabilities.

Growing exponentially from 8 billion images processed yearly and a reach of 20 million monthly uniques last year, Luminate is now estimating 30 billion image views per year and has a reach of 150 million uniques a month. Among the 4,000 publishers signed up are big shots like CBS, NBC and Hearst Interactive.

“We started the company to change the web by offering information relevant to online images, engaging consumers in a novel way while offering advertisers and publishers additional revenue streams,” said CEO Bob Lisbonne, one of several Netscape veterans on the Luminate executive squad. “We’ve since developed the technology and scale to enable images to do even more. Moving forward as Luminate, we will continue to elevate the role of the image and dramatically improve the web experience.”

Enjoy a virtual tour of Image Apps with Lisbonne over at USA Today.



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