Insurance, Lawyers Top Most Expensive Google Keyword Categories


ADOTAS – Back in 2009, ad research depot AdGooroo reported that “mesothelioma” cracked the $100 price barrier for a Google keyword on AdWords, causing many Internet marketers to comment, “What the hell is that?” Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by asbestos — the high price tag denoted the amount lawyers were willing to pay for leads for potential suits.

However, “Cancers” is not one of the categories in Wordstream’s top 20 most-expensive keyword groups study, which weighted the most expensive keywords against search volume by category. Mesothelioma appears along with cancers in “Treatments,” no. 19.

The insurance segment owns about a quarter of the most expensive CPC keywords on AdWords, including “ca automobile insurance,” which I imagine is very lucrative. The top CPC comes in $54.91, which isn’t that much more expensive than the $44.28 top CPC for category 2, Loans, which boasts 12.8% of the most expensive CPCs. No surprise, mortgage came in third with 9% and a top CPC of $47.12.

Attorney-related keywords represent 3.6% of the most expensive keywords (top CPC: $47.07) while Lawyer accounted for 3% ($42.51).

Check out this handy infographic for more interesting data:




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