Facebook App on Google+: Enter Hybrid Social Media Marketing


GRAPHICMAIL – Google, after a number of prior social duds, is putting all their eggs in the Google+ basket, which will be directly competing with Facebook and is already said to have more than 10 million users.

This week, Jerusalem-based company Crossrider developed and launched an application called “Google+Facebook”, that allows users of the Google+ social networking site to view their update streams from Facebook, which has now captivated more than 750 million users within the web 2.0 industry.

Crossrider, whose main business is developing internet browser add-on extensions, created “Google+Facebook” in less than a day and had more than 100,000 downloads at last count. The free Facebook monitoring application adds an icon to Google+ where users can view their Facebook pages, essentially creating a site within a site. Crossrider reports that future enhancements that are in the pipeline, should the app become sufficiently popular; include allowing post updates on both networks, direct commenting and profile access to Facebook from the G+ dashboard.

With the aggregators always being the first to bite into new digital platforms, we will likely soon be seeing feed-monitoring integrations for Twitter and LinkedIn appear for G+, among others.

While most would prefer to actually importing their Facebook friends and into newly formed Circles as well as push photos and other personal media to Google+ profiles, it violates Facebook’s terms of service, which could result in isolating the social giant from bleeding metrics and should slow the social platform exodus.

In contrast, Google+ promises to improve social connectivity and social information gathering, helping direct email and mobile marketing companies measure consumers interests, sharing and navigation trends.

Although a vast number of users might sign up to Google+ without any practical goal in mind or social platform prejudice, Google will need more than novelty sing-ups to become mathematically significant next to the data immensity that is Facebook. Furthermore, it is easier to insinuate a new service into users’ lives than it is to convince marketing companies to incorporate one’s service onto their radar.

Businesses go fishing where the fish are and with more marketers using Facebook ads to acquire fans as a result of the social network’s excellent return-on-investment, social spending is incrementally cannibalizing search spending from quarter to quarter. However, the average ad spends and ROI on both social and search are so dynamic that they are varying from day to day and difficult to project particularly when a new social or search service comes to marketing the party.

Once Google+ jumps onto the inevitable social advertising runaway train, direct email and mobile marketers will need to be smarter in piloting what will be an unavoidable competitive cost-per-click pricing Ping-Pong match.

Along with this we could witness the emergence of competitive metrics, where Google+ could well be outbalancing other social and search indicators with the power of its analytics engine, plugged into applications that interface with networks such as Facebook from its own environment.

HTML newsletter and mobile marketing companies, such as GraphicMail, who use a variety of mainsteam social metrics in measuring the success and spread of their campaigns, in addition to their own native email tracking and monitoring, are keeping a watchful eye on the development of Google+ as its analytics components begin blooming.

With a brick wall of antipathy cemented between Google and Facebook, we may see the mediation of online and mobile apps reconcile the users’ desire to pool social interaction on one interface (while conducting them independently of one another for the sake of profiling and privacy) and marketers’ craving for a single, omnipotent metrics engine.

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  1. I finally had a chance to check out the Google+, and to find out how it’s different from other social media channels. After spending two days of goofing off and circling with other people on the site, the differences are all about our PEE PEE :-)

    Twitter: I need to pee pee!
    Facebook: I pee peed!
    Foursquare: I’m pee peeing here!
    Quora: Why am I pee peeing?
    Youtube: Watch this pee pee!
    LinkedIn: I pee pee well
    New myspace: let’s dance while pee peeing!
    Google+: Let’s all pee pee in a circle
    http://awesomize.me : HOW AWESOME DO I PEE PEE on Twitter, FB, Foursquare, Quora, youtube, LinkedIn, myspace and Google+

  2. Hello Wikus,

    I have some information that would be excellent to include in your analysis on Google +.
    A recent study conducted by the data analytics team at Chitika examined Google Plus’ rate of growth, relative to other social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

    By looking at search queries over a nine-day range, they discovered that searches for Google Plus have gone up significantly, while searches for other social networking sites have remained stagnant. This trend could indicate that, given such a high rate of growth, Google Plus may become a major threat to Facebook and Twitter much sooner than most thought possible.

    Please get in touch (rcavanagh@chitika.com) if you would like more information on the story, or if you think it would be a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards!

    Ryan Cavanagh
    Product Intern
    Chitika, Inc

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