Display Ads, Anatomy and the Gaze of Men vs. Women


ADOTAS – Here’s something fun, but I wouldn’t use it as ammo in the ongoing war of the sexes. EyeTrackShop, which builds eye-tracking technology that marketers can deploy for research and ad testing, followed the eye movements of 100 participants as they glossed over ads from H&M, Reebok and Saab. An H&M ad featuring a model in a bikini drew some interesting results: while male eyes first stopped at the model’s face, female eyes went right to… her chest (which is technically where the product is). Also men spent 40% more time fixating on her face than women and 20% less time on her legs.

I’m going to guess that this data doesn’t apply to viewing women in bikinis in real life… Call it an “online phenomenon.”


  1. This is great. It would be interesting to feature some examples where there were wider differences in eye movement. In this particular example, the face is the only place where there’s a fundamental difference in eye movement. But does that translate to ads with other subject matter? Clothed versus not? Men versus women? Obviously the goal would be to find general patterns of human behavior that could help optimize ad creative depending on the viewer.

  2. Funny, I’ve done many eyetracking tests (none for sites selling bikinis) and I can tell you that men’s eyes tend to go where you think they would – even when they know that there’s a backroom of people watching where they look. These women were likely evaluating the bikini, not the girl.


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