Chalkboard Brings Hyper-Local Network to America


ADOTAS – It’s called Chalkboard because the idea is similar to placing a hand-written outside a storefront with the the daily deal or latest offer — local businesses can send unlimited real-time updates and offers to consumers within a mile radius of their physical locations.

Launched just a year ago to serve the Malaysia and Singapore markets, hyper-local mobile and online ad network Chalkboard is launching in the United States. Through partnerships with third-party mobile applications and web publishers, Chalkboard has helped about 4,400 businesses reach out to 4.8 million potential consumers at a cost of less than a dollar a day. In addition, the Chalkboard stream feeds updates into its small business advertisers’ social media accounts.

“We are ready to scale rapidly in the U.S. market,” said Saumil Nanavati, CEO and co-founder of Chalkboard. “Our product has already seen incredible traction and usage because it’s instant and easy to use. We see businesses updating messages up to 11 times a month. We offer a simple marketing solution for daily use and this resonates well with small businesses.”

Currently rounding up Series A funding, Chalkboard’s existing investors include Joi Ito’s Neoteny Labs; Ito, director of MIT Media Labs, is a board member.


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