Case Study: MediaTrust PerformanceExchange Schools Education Vertical

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ADOTAS – Back in March and following a $3 million round of funding led by Ropart Asset Management, performance marketing firm MediaTrust launched the PerformanceExchange (MTPX), a single platform for managing performance-based campaigns across all channels, even email. Test campaigns in the finance and education verticals garnered conversion rates between 5% and 8% at competitive CPCs.

But forget tests — having been in operation for a while, MTPX just demonstrated its value during a campaign with online education advertiser AcademixDirect. MediaTrust was so enthused by the results, they drew up the case study printed below and are now entering bold new verticals such as insurance and home improvement.

From MediaTrust: AcademixDirect Wins With MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange”


As the leading innovator in education marketing, AcademixDirect is a trusted partner in creating tailored solutions for improving university enrollment. AcademixDirect strives to innovate better ways to connect college-bound students with the schools that will help them succeed.

To that end, the company deploys advanced technology that incorporates a proprietary matching algorithm, data purity assurance software, lead scoring and targeting capabilities, as well as a unique customer-centric approach to create more value for educational institutions.


AcademixDirect utilizes a multitude of online advertising models to generate quality leads for their clients which include CPA, CPL and CPC advertisements. Their primary goal in partnering with MediaTrust is to increase the number of quality leads generated using methods compliant with industry standards. Leads generated must meet or beat a target CPA.

Strategy and Execution

Considering this was a new partnership in a brand new channel, it was crucial that AcademixDirect and MediaTrust work closely together to deliver quality leads under budget and to scale.

First, MediaTrust carefully reviewed AcademixDirect’s specific objectives, budget, and data. During this consultation, MediaTrust’s highly experienced Partner Management Team presented several campaign categories that would most effectively deliver qualified leads within AcademixDirect’s metrics.

Next, MediaTrust’s Creative Department produced unique and targeted industry-compliant creatives for AcademixDirect’s approval. Once MediaTrust received advertiser approval, the ad campaigns were then built into the MTPX and bids were set within MTPX’s Email channel.

After several days of testing, initial campaign results were analyzed and MediaTrust’s Market Manager collaborated with AcademixDirect to optimize their campaigns. Following this initial review, AcademixDirect then took part in weekly optimization meetings with MediaTrust’s Market Manager and Partner Manager to ensure AcademixDirect’s campaigns were yielding maximum conversion ROI.


Within the first month, AcademixDirect experienced a significant increase in the number of leads with conversion rates above their minimums and eCPAs well within their CPA target. After two months of working with their Partner Manager and MediaTrust’s Market Manager on ways to optimize their campaigns, AcademixDirect saw an increase in the volume of qualified leads, an increase in conversion rates, and their eCPA goal beat by 40%, well within their budget.

“We exceeded our goals and look forward to growing our partnership with MediaTrust! We appreciate your company’s high traffic quality, all the help that you have provided us in the last few months, and, above all else, your company’s no tolerance compliance policy. The MediaTrust team consists of very talented individuals who work very hard at making our campaigns work and we look forward to a long and enduring relationship with them.” — AcademixDirect

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