Android Is the Mobile OS of the U.S. Masses


ADOTAS – Sigh, I remember when Android was a just a tiny blip on the smartphone scene, while RIM’s Blackberry dominated the landscape… November 2009 seems like a lifetime ago.

According to the latest data from Nielsen, Google’s Android operating system is now running on 39% of all the smartphones in the U.S., followed by Apple iOS on 28% of smartphones. And how the mighty RIM has fallen — Blackberrys currently make up 20% of smartphones out there in the States.

Nielsen was kind enough to make this chart that breaks down the each operating system by handset manufacturer:

Windows Phone 7’s lack of presence (7.9%) is pretty depressing (especially considering how much Microsoft spent on advertising), and Nokia’s poor showing doesn’t give much promise for the two companies’ mobile partnership in the U.S. However, the Microsoft-software-meets-Nokia-hardware deal appears to be a play for the European market (where Android is not catching like wildfire, but Apple’s iPhone is preforming well), and things that are popular in Europe sometimes get hot in the U.S. You know, stuff like… raves! And… and… The Beatles?



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