AdSumo and FBAdsLab Offer Facebook Ad Boot Camp — Free for Adotas Readers


ADOTAS – Interestingly enough, right after I watched an AppSumo video in which Jennifer Sheahan, founder of Facebook-focused digital agency FB Ads Lab, comments that Facebook ads are not Google ads — that is, you can’t just jam your square PPC search campaign into the Facebook circle-shaped hole — I found a report about a new Gmail display/text hybrid unit that on the surface… Is a Facebook ad. In fact, LeadsCon founder Jay Weintraub has me convinced the new ad unit is the ground floor for the Google+ monetization scheme.

So this news actually makes Sheahan’s lessons on Facebook advertising more valuable — not only will they help demystify advertising on Facebook, they can form the blueprint for advertising on Google+… Whenever that becomes available.

Curious about these videos now? Those AppSumo folks — former Facebook, Curse and employees that run a deal site for web applications and other tools for computer geeks, which includes you online marketers — have been kind enough to offer my readers a 43-minute intensive boot camp with Sheahan on Facebook advertising for free. Well, you do have to surrender your email when you sign up for an account, but that’s a helluva lot cheaper than the normal $99 price or even AppSumo’s discount price.

I found myself getting sucked in as Sheahan gave each layer of the buying process — copywriting, targeting, analytics, etc. — comprehensive analysis as well as introspection. You can view the videos in 10 streaming segments from the AdSumo website and/or download the complete video and MP3 version plus transcript.

Stop meandering and learn something about Facebook advertising — go to AppSumo’s Facebook Ads Action Video. Also, bloggers, if put a review on your site and email AppSumo, you’ll be entered to win a $250 credit on AppSumo.



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