Yes, Apple Does Accept Facebook Credits


ADOTAS – Zuck Bucks just made another move toward becoming real currency: along with the launch of Apple’s iCloud service, it’s been unofficially announced that Facebook and Apple will honor credits purchased on each others’ platforms for the same game, as long as the credits are the same price on each platform.

The silo state of video game currency is likely to cause user frustration as games like
“Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon” from Ubisoft are launched across consoles, the Internet, mobile devices and Facebook. The way things currently stand, a gamer couldn’t access his or her game credits bought through Facebook (with Facebook Credits) when playing the game on a different platform (e.g., through Apple and iCloud).

So this is a big happy development for gamers, and the gaming companies are happy to manage balances across platforms if it keeps the userbase mashing buttons. Facebook is still happy because it gets a 30% share of all Credits revenue.

But here’s the question — is the Apple-Facebook agreement one-time deal between tech giants or the start of a bigger relationship? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously had dinner last year (Could Wallace Shawn play Jobs in the film version?), but no one knows what they talked about. Apple, in particular, could use a partnership as the chief reason its Ping social network didn’t catch on was its lack of Facebook integration.

Imagine buying albums on iTunes or apps at the App Store with Facebook Credits… It doesn’t seem that far-fetched, and it could be an incredible revenue stream for Facebook. With the revamping of Facebook Deals into a group-buying service last month, the social network enabled users to buy vouchers for real-life goodies with Facebook Credits. All signs point to Zuck Bucks gaining even more buying power…


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