Video Ad Crowdsourcer Poptent Lands in Brazil


ADOTAS – When I chatted with Poptent President Neil Perry back in December, he was pretty excited about the opportunities emerging in Brazil — apparently last year Brazilian Internet users watched 26.2 billion online videos in 2010, with YouTube alone witnessing a 33% growth in uniques visitors. Those are a lot of video viewers that brands could be reaching, but Portuguese-language video ads are a little low in the inventory department.

Enter PopTent and its crowd-sourced video production social network, which has set up shop in Sao Paulo to help connect brands and Brazilian video artists.

“Brazil is home to a growing and dynamic combination of video consumers, content creators, and innovative brands,” said John deTar, Poptent co-managing director for Brazil. “We are now able to more directly engage a growing localized base of brand advertisers and content creators, as well as a Brazilian marketplace that has already proven itself to include one of the world’s fastest-growing and most engaged populations of Internet users.”

Major brands and their agencies use Poptent, known as XLNTads in another life, to post assignments to its network of 33,000 videographers (up from 21,000 back in December) in 120 countries. Within a 40-day time frame, Poptent will receive anywhere from 25 to 100 videos per assignment. Brands are obligated to buy at least one submission but typically pick two or three, the majority of which air online. Occasionally brands or agencies will develop relationships with the video artists for future content development.

Not only is it a sweet way for starving videographers to make cash and brighten up their resumes, such videos can inexpensively bolster and diversify a brand’s online video ad inventory.

Poptent also announced that it has awarded $2 million in cash payments to video artists in its network, only seven months after reaching $1 million. Brooklyn-based videomaker Brandon Carter tossed the company over the milestone as he received $10,000 from Dell for this ad (the punch line is worth the whole segment — as long as you know your YouTube memes).


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