Twitter Revamps Search; New Ad Products Coming?


ADOTAS – Twitter typically employs a carpet-bombing tactic when introducing new features, and I have to wonder if it’s not to distract users from the fact that some of these probably should have been added a while back. Prime example: the Follow Button, which allows users to follow a person, brand, website, muppet, what-have-you directly from its website. Great — now I don’t have to search for a handle on Twitter every time I find an interesting publication or writer that I want to follow. It’s about time….

Oh yeah, there’s a new photo-sharing service set up in partnership with Photobucket (It’s still kicking around? Wow — nothing truly dies on the Internet.), but what’s more exciting is that Twitter is completely revamping its search. In addition to introducing the ability to filter tweets by relevancy and those with links, searches will also deliver related videos and photos. Also the new Twitter Search Bar Add-on for Firefox allows users to type a hashtag or user name directly into the address bar and head to a search results page.

This is a fascinating development in the wake of the acquisition of AdGrok, maker of an in-browser SEM manager. Signs are increasingly pointing to Twitter introducing some kind of paid-search-esque advertising product — something that could actually drive revenue.



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