TubeMogul Introduces Video Verification


ADOTAS – Just when you’d suppressed your rage about click fraud, here comes pre-roll fraud to get your ire back up — don’t throw away that blood pressure medication just yet.

Video DSP TubeMogul recently tested pre-roll ads across 7,000 sites and discovered more that 400 sites were running potentially 3 million fake pre-roll impressions daily. These fake pre-rolls include videos auto-playing within small and below-the-fold video players or within banners.

So what’s the solution? VERIFICATION! I can already hear the grunts of dismay. Well, TubeMogul’s PlaySafe verification tool does not use white lists but the video DSP’s analytics platform to detect ad unit and video player size as well as other attributes to determine the viability of an ad units. When it detects pre-roll fraud, PlaySafe shifts budgets to legitimate sites that are performing better for the advertiser.

There is no black list per se — while TubeMogul has a slate of sites with (let’s call it) bad pre-roll etiquette, many have run afoul by accident. So TubeMogul is checking sites for fake pre-roll on a campaign by campaign basis, exiling a guilty site only for the remainder of the campaign.


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