Quick Hits: Yup, Google Bought Admeld


ADOTAS – It’s official — after final talks were revealed last week, Google announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Admeld. But will the Federal Trade Commission approve?

Apparently Google is toying with removing URLs from search results in favor of publisher names. Check out this screen shot given to Google Operating System by David, who runs the blog Making Money From Android:

When did the tech media turn into the staff of People magazine? Apparently Bill Gates let slip that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is engaged to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. This is news to me because I thought they already were engaged, but whatever. I wonder how much coverage will be devoted to the Silicon Valley wedding of the century — live-streamed from the Facebook cafeteria? Sorry, Duchess Kate, your time in the spotlight is over.

Former Adotas publisher and Inside the Offer Vault Editor Pace Lattin has surveyed the masses to discover the top 10 CPA networks, and they are… Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

eMarketer has worldwide online ad spend breaking $100 billion in 2013, although its yearly growth will slow to 12.7% after two years of 17% growth.



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