Quick Hits: May These Awards Offer Validation


ADOTAS – The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (gag me now) is petering out, so it must be awards time. AdAge notes that the Cyber Jury — which should be the name for telecommuting for jury duty, but actually just means the judges for the digital marketing initiatives — gave grand prix awards to the “Wilderness Downtown” campaign for Chrome featuring music by The Arcade Fire as well as Old Spice’s “Responses” campaign, which featured “the man your man could smell like” responding to Twitter questions and comments via YouTube videos.

Oh look, Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt made some more vague comments about Google’s social strategy — AdAge was nice enough to bring its stenography kit.

In other Google news, some chatty Federal Trade Commission sources seemed downright giddy telling The Wall Street Journal that an antitrust suit is near. According to these guys, it’s going to revolve around Google pimping its wide range of services through its search engine while giving giving competing services short shrift; kinda similar to the antitrust arguments European officials are making. And ho boy, the FTC just gave Google notice. Am I the only person that thinks this investigation is covered in weak sauce?



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