Quick Hits: Groupon IPO, AddThis Delivers +1 and More


ADOTAS – Groupon dropped that Securities Exchange Commission application for an IPO like it was hot! The daily discounter is demanding $750 million from investors (making LinkedIn’s $175 million seem modest) and I’ll wager that Groupon will raise even more than that. $25 billion valuation anyone?

Publishers no doubt want to get a piece of Google’s new +1 button — as a launch partner of the social widget, Clearspring’s AddThis is making it damn simple for the 9 million sites in its social sharing network to get their own button.

According to comScore, Apple’s iOS finally leaped ahead of RIM’s Blackberry in terms of percentage of U.S. smartphone subscribers, but at 26% it’s still way behind Google Android’s rising market share (36.4% in April).

As rumors circle that Microsoft will buy Nokia phone business, Bloomberg reports that a broken-down Nokia could be worth 52% more to investors.

Steve Kovach at Business Insider thinks Twitter’s updated search tool is a stinker, but I think along with the AdGrok acquisition it’s setting the stage for better advertising products.

Bloomberg’s anonymous sources say social gaming magnate Zynga is talking to Goldman Sachs both about leading its IPO and ponying up a $1 billion+ credit line to help with more acquisition.

You can’t say that on television — that being “Facebook” or “Twitter” and television being of the French variety, radio too. Why? Well, according to French regulators, mentions of the social-networks-that-cannot-be-named are a form of “clandestine advertising” for them as commercial brands. Yup, apparently government officials are a lot like the French knights in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

Speaking of governments meddling in social media, a dream team of Internet frenemies (including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga) celebrated as a social networking privacy billed blew its second and last chance to get passed by the California Senate. The bill threatened to force social networking sites to set personal information sharing defaults to private.

British online baby goods supplier Kiddicare has named performance marketing network Affiliate Window its sole affiliate marketing outlet.



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