Ooyala Gets Easy Access to YuMe Video Inventory


ADOTAS – Ooyala has expanded its partnership with video ad firm YuMe’s ACE for Publishers ad management platform, opening YuMe inventory to users of Ooyala’s video management, monetization and analytics platform. Previously publishers using Ooyala would have to sign up with YuMe to use the platform for monetization, but now access is open from the creation of a Ooyala account.

This spring YuMe introduced version 3.0 of ACE for Publishers, which streamlines the monetization and syndication efforts of midtail content developers and owners. Back at the end of 2009, the two companies teamed up to allow Ooyala customers to manually insert YuMed ad overlays during live video streams.

When Yahoo! Japan recently entered into a strategic technology and distribution agreement with Ooyala, CEO Jay Fulcher told me that the real allure of his company’s Backlot video publishing platform was its incomparable analytics, which offer real-time, actionable analysis into consumer viewing behavior.


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