Only 30% of YouTube TrueView Ads Skipped


ADOTAS – With all the proclaimed hate for pre-roll video ads, YouTube’s introduction of TrueView, which allows users to pass past ads after five seconds, was seen as potential folly. When given the chance, who wouldn’t skip a pre-roll ad to get their video meat?

Apparently a lot of people, as YouTube Sales Director Bruce Daisley told the crowd at the Media 360 conference in Manchester, U.K., that on average 30% of YouTube ads are skipped since the initiative was brought into being.

Buoyed by research from Ipsos MediaCT, Daisley claimed that users that skipped out on skipping — or rather just watched the full ad — were 75% more engaged than average YouTube users and 273% more engaged than users watching the same ad as a standard pre-roll unit.

What “engaged” means isn’t clear, but the data suggests that if users know they have control over whether they watch an ad or not, they pay more attention to the ad. Interestingly enough, 59% of users that viewed the first five seconds of an ad before skipping could later recognize the same ad. (But could they remember brand?)

Just like news articles usually have to hook their readers in the first paragraph, TrueView is giving video advertisers five seconds to connect with a user. Or maybe a better analogy is bull-riding — hang on to the viewer for five seconds (which is a lot easier than eight seconds) and you’ve got a shot at winning the prize.

Although just showing up (i.e., advertising through TrueView) earns a consolation prize: awareness.



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