Motista Hands Marketers Deeper Consumer Insight, On Demand


ADOTAS – The marketing arena is the last bastion employing traditional methods for consumer research, says Alan Zorfas, Motista cofounder and chief marketing and product officer. Brands are still reaching out to third-party consultants for expensive consumer intelligence surveys that take months and deliver data unoptimized for newer marketing channels. They don’t measure all customer interactions.

And did we mention they’re pricy? Consider that a year-long subscription to the Motista Consumer Connection Environment — a continuously updated, on-demand customer intelligence solution just launched — costs about the same as one custom research study, Zorfas adds.

Zorfas spent most of his 30 years in marketing at agencies working with Fotrune 1,000 companies, where he recognized marketers’ yearning to build stronger connections with consumers –what motivated them to buy/be loyal to a brand? Marketers needed data that transcended the functional attributes of products and services to discover the deeper set motivations. Traditional consumer research simply wasn’t filling this demand.

Motista was founded by Zorfas and CEO Scott Magids, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, in 2007 to offer consumer insight to marketers in real time. The early days were spent mired  in heavy research and development, including a study with a consumer anthropologist and interview with thousands of consumers across verticals. The real challenge was developing a system of connection metrics that offered a definition of what a consumer connection actually is.

The resulting dashboard is very intuitive, Zorfas says, and also a bit addictive as marketers are amazed at the wealth of data now in reach.

“We call it the ‘Motista Moment’ — marketers are surprised and excited when they can instantly retrieve the information they are looking for,” he comments. “We’ve taken down the barriers for marketing intelligence.”

Opt-in surveys provide a continuous information stream from tens of thousands of consumers, giving marketers the most recent intelligence by segment. The data is optimized for both traditional and emerging digital channels, providing insight into creative planning and targeting. In addition, Motista allows brands to compare consumer reactions to their competitors.

Zorfas notes that Motista has already gained traction in financial services, consumer electronics and retail verticals.

“If you’re going to build connections, you need to deliver meaningful messages to all consumers,” he says. “Till this point, practitioners haven’t had consumer intelligence right at their fingertips, and easy to use.”


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