Make Your Own Deal at Loopt


ADOTAS – Pardon me as I malign Yakov Smirnoff’s comedy style: on boring deal sites, deals come to you, but on Loopt, you come to deals!

Yes, users of Loopt’s location-based mobile social network can make their own U-Deals, which come to life through a partnership with group-buying platform ChompOn. Like a lot of daily deal subscribers out there, Loopt noticed that many of the offers emailed each day by Groupon and Living Social are irrelevant, so they thought why not let the users pick and haggle?

A user chooses a place and request a deal, right down to the discount, which is then reviewed by Loopt. If the network approves, the user must share it with friends and get them to sign on so the business itself will say OK once Loopt approaches it.

Confused? Perhaps you need a visual representation:

It’s an interesting and certainly different approach, but it sounds like a lot of work on both user’s end and Loopt’s… It also sounds like a deal could easily get caught up in miscommunication or other disasters. Loopt users may want to stick with the real-time deal alerts introduced through a Groupon Now partnership.


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