Got Funds? Bunchball and TellApart Score Big


ADOTAS – You know how gamification specialist Bunchball and retargeter TellApart know it’s going to be a good week? Because they woke up on Monday rolling in investor cash.

Bunchball closed a $6.5 million additional financing round led by Triangle Peak Partners, whose Cofounding Partner and CEO Michael C. Morgan called the company the “clear leader” in the gamification space. The round featured additional participation by Northport Investments, Correlation Ventures and previous investor Granite Ventures.

In addition to using the investment for product development, marketing and sales, Bunchball will use the cash to expand into the B2B, loyalty and incentive marketing. Bunchball announced in May that it doubled the customer base on its Nitro gamification platform during the last year and that it currently tracks 2.5 billion actions by 70 million uniques every month.

The former Googles at TellApart closed a $13 million Series B round led by Bain Capital Ventures, bringing the company’s funding total to $17.75 million.
TellApart’s Customer Data Platform uses online retailers’ customer to generate a personalized score for each shopper, which is used for real-time retargeting by TellApart’s Transactional Retargeting product.

In addition, this model is pay for performance, requiring that a consumer click through and purchase before TellApart gets paid. The company boasts an average click-through rate and conversion rate of 7.5% and 4.5% respectively.



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