Got Funds? ADmantX Gets Financial Support for Semantic Targeting


ADOTAS – Here’s to new frontiers in semantic targeting — ADmantX just raised $2.8 million in growth funding from Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno, the venture capital fund of Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo. Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno will hold a minority share in Admantx while semantic software firm Expert System maintaining a majority.

Spun off from Expert System last year and launched from beta in March, ADmantX claims to detect reader emotions, behaviors and even intent from its page-level analysis. How’s that? Through semantic technology from its parent, natural language processing and social collaboration. In addition, ADmantX offers ad-blocking capabilities to keep brands away from questionable or discordant content.

Most interesting, ADmantX plays up the fact that it practices “cookie-less” targeting, marketing itself as an alternative to behavioral targeting once Washington gets around to passing online behavioral advertising legislation.

“ADmantX has proven its ability to successfully support a brand’s psychological positioning by displaying deep understanding of the emotions evoked by adjacent content, and we are well positioned to offer publishers an alternative to cookie-based ad targeting should there be legislation that curbs its appeal,” comments Chief Marketing Officer J. Brooke Aker, who has written a few excellent columns for Adotas.

Aker adds that the funding will be used to boost ADmantX sales staff and marketing presence.


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