Epsilon Busts Into Display Space


ADOTAS – You can stop thinking of Epsilon as just an email marketer and data provider. Powered by the online and offline data warehouse known as Epsilon Targeting, the company introduced two forays into display: TargetDisplay and Email Retargeting.

TargetDisplay should really be called “targeted display” because that what it is, plain and simple. An advertiser determines the target audience based on Epsilon’s offline consumer data from 120 million households and 235 million individuals (including demographics, financials, purchase history, etc.) as well as its own data, and then Epsilon hunts them on an ad exchange to serve them creative. TargetDisplay promises great reach through integrations with “leading” DSPs.

Epsilon Email Retargeting gets a little more interesting. Yes, it’s display retargeting, but the retargeted consumers are those that showed a minimal level of engagement through a customer email, which can be as minimal as opening said email.

Epsilon, which just completed its acquisition of Apsen Marketing Services, seems to have snapped back from The Great Email Security Breach of 2011. However, the company (along with hacker victim Sony) recently faced a grilling by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s trade subcommittee, whose chair Mary Bono Mack (R – Calif.) promised to introduce online data security legislation. Could that effect advertising initiatives like email retargeting?


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