Cofounder Stone Steps Out of Way at Twitter


ADOTAS – In a meandering blog post, cofounder Biz Stone announced he is relinquishing his creative director position at Twitter, stepping “out of the way until I’m called upon to be of some specific use,” he writes. Nice and ambiguous — the kid stays in the picture.

Stone relates that CEO Dick Costolo, codename: Revenueman, has been by his side in working out his new role as a “strategic asset” (“Your name sounds cool — we’ll keep it on the masthead.”) Stone also announced he will occupy his time with the relaunched Obvious Corporation, the incubator where Twitter was nurtured. Twitter cofounder and former CEO Evan Williams and Jason Goldman, who led product for Blogger at Google and was vice president of product for Twitter, are joining him in this effort.

“The Obvious Corporation makes systems that help people work together to improve the world,” the new website reads. “The proliferation of technology can seem superfluous, but with the right approach, technology can benefit individuals, organizations, and society.”

Wow, also vaguer than vague — they should give out awards for this kind of writing.

You could call Stone the personality behind Twitter, even appearing in commercials for vodka. But revenue seems to priority no. 1 at the moment with a self-serve ad system on the way, and Revenueman keeps growing his power base. It’s pretty good timing for an exit (that leaves a foot in the door) as Twitter just revamped its search function.


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