ChoiceStream CRUNCHes Proprietary Intent Data for Audience Targeting Platform


ADOTAS – ChoiceStream is betting on the insight gleaned from 10 years of amassing consumer data to market CRUNCH, a new custom audience targeting platform for brand display campaigns focused on the individual level. The end-to-end solution employs the ChoiceStream’s proprietary intent data to predict audience behavior, then recalibrates audience segments based on analysis of consumer interaction.

ChoiceStream blends its proprietary intent data and third-party consumer data from partner companies such as eXelate and AlmondNet Data Division to create audience segments. Via a partnership with AppNexus, advertisers can engage real-time bidding to access inventory at scale.

Campaign engagement data is then analyzed for unique consumer attributes and funneled back into the targeting process for optimization, where individuals are added and removed from the customized segment.

“Unlike DSPs, we have our own proprietary data that is highly predictive of how consumers will respond to brand advertisements,” adds Eric Bosco, COO of ChoiceStream and architect of CRUNCH. “We also provide detailed audience analysis — what types of people saw and responded to the campaign — at the end of each campaign as part of our service. No other company provides the full-service audience targeting and back-end reporting that CRUNCH does.”

In beta testing, ChoiceStream claims to have acquired 3,100 high-lifetime value customers for one client in 60 days while another reported that new costumers garnered through CRUNCH spent 35% more on average on subsequent purchases. Finally, another client declared a 73% improvement in click-through rate and a 30% decrease in customer acquisition cost.



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