Chango Discovers Seven Types of Effective Retargeting


ADOTAS – Just like there are “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” (wait, I forgot self-help author Stephen R. Covey miraculously discovered an eighth one right as his bank account was running low), search retargeter Chango has derived the “Seven Types of Effective Retargeting” — and fortunately you don’t have to pay $25 for the hardcover edition.

Instead Chango — which scored 4.25 million in funding back in February — is sharing these methods via a tasty-looking pie chart, split down the middle between retargeting for off-site events and retargeting for on-site events. The former covers intent-based methods, including search, social, engagement and contextual; the latter follows user actions through a brand’s site, SEO or SEM and email.

Check out the graphic, which can also be downloaded as a high-resolution PDF.


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