Amazon Pushes Aggregation for Deal Site


ADOTAS – Right after my tirade about the group-buying and discount space being too damn crowded, another big fish dives into the pond: Amazon has introduced location-based deal platform AmazonLocal.

It appears to follow the online discounter model du jour: subscribe to a daily email and purchase vouchers that can be redeemed. However, the only city AmazonLocal is currently available in is… Boise, Idaho. And here we snickered about Google Offers only being available in Portland, Ore. — is there something in the Northwest that I’m missing out on?

Also, you might be wondering about the hundreds of millions of dollars Amazon invested in Groupon rival LivingSocial — well, at the bottom of the current Boise offerings are little notices that say “Sold by Living Social.” Apparently Amazon isn’t going to be wheeling and dealing, but aggregating the plentiful deals out there to its massive customer base. In addition, AmazonLocal appears to be connected into other Amazon products such as its credit card.

It’s a pretty smart (and very Amazon-esque) way to get a toe into the overcrowded deal pool, reaping the bounty of the space without really fighting for territory.


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